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Worried about your visa? Get a FREE visa check-up!

May 11, 2023

Are you gearing up to study in the US soon?

Do visa requirements and interviews get you stressed out?

Navigating the complex world of visas can be daunting, especially when regulations and requirements change frequently.

Having the right people on your side to navigate your visa is so important to your journey. This is why I’m excited to share with you a tool that will be sure to help. It’s called The Visa Check-Up tool created by my friends at Argo Visa.

With this tool, you can determine the health and viability of your visa with a score followed by guidance on next steps.

I recently sat down with my friend Ben at Argo Visa to do a live demo so that you know exactly how to use it.

Watch the full demo with Ben!

The Visa Check-Up is an online tool that calculates your visa score based on the answers you provide during the assessment. This tool is designed to help you identify where you not you are ready to take the next step of nailing your visa appointment.

The information you provide will give you an accurate and reliable assessment of your visa health. To increase your visa check up score and increase the likelihood of getting accepted, you will be given a list of recommended next steps. This tool will save time by not having to wonder your acceptance odds and in turn save a lot of money and stress.

To get you visa check up score, simply visit the tool here and answer the questions. Once you have completed the assessment, you will receive your visa score, along with recommendations on how to proceed based on your results. Don't leave your visa status to chance – use The Visa Check-Up today to ensure a smooth and stress-free visa experience.

Have more questions about visas? Check out more resources from Ben at Argo visa:

Cheers ☕