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Struggling to Find a High-Paying Job? 😞

career dream job high-paying jobs job search jobs manual qa qa automation sales engineering systems engineering ux design Jun 06, 2023

Are you looking to get a job in Manual QA, QA Automation, Sales Engineering, Systems Engineering, or UX Design?

Struggling to find the position that best fits you?

Especially in this economy, high-paying jobs are becoming more and more difficult to find.


No - but more than ever it’s important to have a plan in place, be connected to the right resources, and have a strategy to help you secure the position that you’ve been working so hard for.

Because I know that this issue is one of the biggest stresses for all international students - I want to help you find valuable resources to assist you in your job search journey.

One of those resources is

What is

Careerist offers immersive programs to help you get on the fast track to a high-paying tech job. This online job search platform connects job seekers with top employers in the tech industry.

BUT it’s so much more than that!


👉 Helps you discover the right career path for you with your personal Career Advisor

👉 Provides 1:1 mentorship to help improve your resume & practice mock job interviews

👉 Gives you the necessary know-how and hands-on experience you can add to your LinkedIn

👉 Helps you find and apply for job openings matching your criteria

You’ll learn from industry experts with decades of big-tech experience!

How to Use to Find High-Paying Jobs

To use Careerist to find high-paying jobs, follow these simple steps:

  1. Choose a track 🛤️ Sign up and meet you Career Advisor - they will help you select and enroll in the righ program (BTW - there are special financing options!)
  2. Attend classes 🎒 Choose a track and join classes led by industry experts from companies like Apple, Google, and Intel, helping you navigate the tech industry
  3. Join an Internship 💼 You’ll be matched with a 100% remote internship where you gain hands-on experience to feature in your LinkedIn profile and highlight in your interviews
  4. Get 1:1 Mentorship 🤝 Join 1:1 meetings with your Career Mentor to prepare for job interviews and improve your resume, cover letters and confidence
  5. Start Your Job Search 🔎 Save 10+ hours a week with a Job Application Service - get curated daily job openings to your dashboards, and autofill your job applications with one click
  6. Land Your Dream Job 🎯 Keep in touch with your mentor and join the alumni network - helping you succeed and grow in your new career

Careerist graduates have landed jobs at companies like Meta, Google, Intel, Apple, Samsung, and more!

If you’d like to leverage Careerist’s resources to help you land your dream job, you can use the code: ROBCHAI to get 10% off their services.

Overcome the unique challenges you face as an international student and secure high-paying jobs that fits your skills and interests!

Cheers ☕